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I'm a fantasy and horror author who is also an elemental specialist. I commune with the natural elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. My books reflect this relationship and the products I offer focus on communicating the positive impact of Nature and all that she provides.

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My Story

Born in Alaska and raised in England, CL writes horror and fantasy that have supernatural overtones. Her stories feature real people and natural magic, all controlled by the spirits of nature and otherworldly beings. Residing in the Sunshine State with her husband, four cats and six goldfish, CL incorporates elements of magic, mysticism and mythology into her writings. It's not unusual to encounter dragons, elemental spirits, glowing orbs, and even bigfoot as you follow her characters on their adventures.


Her current magical realism fantasy series is Chronicle of Ceres, which will feature 6 books. The first three books have been published and the fourth in the series (Bluestone Shadows) will be released in 2024.

Tales From the Crows, her first collection of horror stories was recently published.


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