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Book no.1

Beginning of Tomorrows

When Stygian, the evil Yfel leader thirsts for Hilly’s power and follows the witch to the family estate, the siblings band together, hoping their combined powers will vanquish the creature.


The evil being arrives cloaked in a vicious nor’easter, determined to kill them all and consume their mystical powers. With swords drawn, they face the beast, but Hilly must make a difficult decision in order to save her sister and brothers.

Book no.2

Denali Rising

The magical saga of the witch, Hilly Kemp, continues in Denali Rising, second magical realism novel in the series Chronicle of Ceres.

With her magical abilities growing stronger, Hilly travels to Denali, Alaska, to unearth the ancient roots of her ancestors. A shamanic vision quest reveals shocking details of the Cererian Prophecy and propels Hilly to a showdown with the Yfel Brethren who have kidnapped and tortured her husband, Curtis.

Hilly must choose between freeing her husband or releasing the evil beast, Stygian, who she imprisoned in an interdimensional cell. Mount Denali bears witness to the battle as magicians confront the evil Brethren during a blinding blizzard of snow and jagged ice.

Book no.3

Shasta Beckons

The Cererian Prophecy reveals more of its secrets in Shasta Beckons, book 3 in the magical realism series Chronicle of Ceres.


The sorceress, Hilly, is re-united with her sister, Fen, and brother, Kai. The siblings combine their supernatural powers to decipher the symbols carved into a powerful earth spirit, the Sentinel Boulder. Through magic, alchemy and ritual, the Crystal of Fire is successfully seated in the first receptacle; and magicians around the globe celebrate the completion of the first spoke in the Prophecy wheel. Only three remain.


Kai travels to Mount Shasta to begin his quest.  The powerful shaman, Jake, and Hilly accompany him as Kai endures three difficult tests before he can penetrate Shasta’s veil to enter an extraordinary dimension where supernatural entities welcome him as their Champion.


Success comes at a great price; and Kai must make a decision that will change his life forever.

CL LaVigne 2 5.5X8.5 EBOOK.jpg

Tales From the Crows:
Collection of Horror Stories

Ten twisted tales of horror await you in this short story collection of psychological fright and mayhem. From a demonic crystal ball who consumes souls to an emergency call from beyond the grave to body swaps. The crows witness horror every day and have decided to share their scary stories with you. Don't disappoint them! 

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