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Signed and personalized just for you. 


The worlds of reality and magic collide when four siblings discover they possess supernatural abilities beyond the comprehension of ordinary humans. When their adoptive parents pass away, the Kemp siblings discover a prophecy that binds them together in a fight for survival. Armed with swords and their extraordinary powers, they must face the malevolent leader of the Yfel Brethren, Stygian, who is determined to kill them all and consume their magical powers. Who will make the ultimate sacrifice? Find out in this thrilling fantasy adventure with witches, dragons, and aliens! If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series or The Chronicles of Narnia, you’ll love Beginning of Tomorrows.

Beginning of Tomorrows: book 1, Chronicle of Ceres

Excluding Sales Tax
  • New paperback.

    Personalization and autograph will appear on title page.

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