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Chronicle of Ceres


Beginning of Tomorrows

Book 1


Denali Rising

Book 2


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Shasta Beckons

Book 3

Tales From the Crows

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Tales From the Crows:

A Collection of Horror Stories

In The Press


As the author’s first novel, Beginning of Tomorrows is a grand success. The plot is engaging, the characters are compelling, and I just wasn’t ready for the story to end.

Wayne H., Goodreads

CL Lavigne’s first novel—Beginning of Tomorrows—takes the reader on a mystical and byzantine journey through different dimensions as we get to know the Kemp siblings and the Cererians. 

Helene Z., Amazon

Great book! Denali Rising was an enjoyable read with a great plot. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series!

Barbara B., Amazon




Born in Alaska and raised in England, CL is an Elemental Specialist who writes magical realism novels that have witch fantasy overtones. Her stories feature real people and natural magic, all controlled by the Spirits of Nature & otherworldly beings.

Residing in the Sunshine State with her husband, four cats and four goldfish, CL incorporates elements of magic, mysticism and mythology into her writings. It's not unusual to encounter dragons, elemental spirits, Leotes (glowing orbs) and even Big Foot as you follow her characters on their adventures.

Her current fantasy series is Chronicle of Ceres, which will feature 6 books. Fantasy fans loved Book 1 (Beginning of Tomorrow), Book 2 (Denali Rising),  and Book 3 (Shasta Beckons). Her first horror book, Tales From the Crows is now available.

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